Restoring nature
in the Severn &
Wye catchments

What we do

Image (c) Richard Hopkins

An alliance for change

We are an alliance of environmental organisations working across the catchments of the Severn River and the iconic River Wye.

Together these rivers shape a huge landscape linking England and Wales and including flood plains, limestone grassland, rolling hills and peaty mountain tops – connecting 8 million people to nature. 

It is a landscape in crisis. Biodiversity is in decline and  flooding and water quality issues are getting worse, exacerbated by climate change.

Delivering nature’s restoration

Our core objective is to take action. We are working together to incubate truly ambitious programmes to restore biodiversity. 

We  are doing this in partnership with farmers, environmental organisations and the finance and business sectors to make change possible.

Bee hovering by flower
Image (c) Richard Hopkins

Connect with us

If you are working towards nature’s recovery in the Severn  and Wye catchments, please get in touch